e-portfolios - using sites.google.com

Phil O'Leary, Cork Institute of Technology

This site is to support development of e-portfolios for Cork Institute of Technology in September 2012. I want to show how an e-portfolio should be structured by presenting a mock up of an e-portfolio as an example. The site is for experiential (or informal) learning cases only.

How should a prior learning case look ? 

This will depend on how your are basing your case. 

Experiential learning is learning that is gained from 'on the job' experiences. It is also known as non formal or informal learning. Non formal can be professional training or a course delivered in a community setting. Informal learning is often incidental on the job or work based learning. Your case could be based on a combination of the two forms also.

  • Your task will be to build a case against each learning outcome in a module. 
  • Look at the example shown here under e-portfolio trial